•    On average there are 120 applicants for every job

  •    You will most likely do 5 interviews

  •   You need to stand out to be in the top 3%

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Are you ready to successfully take on the job market and be the Director of your career?

Stand out from the crowd!

The Jenks Group has partnered with CV One® to bring you the leading and most easy-to-use video resume web application in the world for creating a persuasive video resume cover letter.

  • Make a personal connection that reinforces who you say you are in your resume
  • Showcase your personality and communicate the culture you thrive in
  • Spark interest and differentiate yourself from the typical applicant

There is no better or more successful method to present yourself to your potential employer!

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Your Career - Take 1... and Action!

Take Action! Simply press “Record”, 3 – 2 – 1 and go! Answer our 5 questions on camera, and if you don’t like the results, try again. Re-record your videos as many times as you wish!

  • Draft your own script in our teleprompter tool
  • Practice makes perfect. Re-record until you’re satisfied!
  • Each application can hold as many as 5 video segments

As the director and producer in your application process, you control the language of your application and decide whether to tailor it to a domestic or international audience!

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Modern, Traditional or International?

Create your personal application website without HTML skills or background. Simply choose one of our templates and customize it to your liking.

  • No technical knowledge about video processing or producing necessary
  • Your application can be protected with a secure password
  • Personal data, videos, resumes and attachments can all be accessed from one website

Career Casting creates one single website for your application that can be accessed from any computer worldwide.

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Premiering Now!

It is time to release your carefully prepared application, including video resume cover letter and additional attachments. Your personal video is now available and can be accessed by our public page or your personalized URL.

  • Secure uploading and hosting
  • Friends and family can receive and critique your application so that you can continue to improve
  • Choose a personalized domain name to host your applications
  • Discover how Career Casting will open new doors!

As the director and producer in your application process, you control the language of your application!

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Career Casting is built for Employers, too! You can post an open position or view the applicants on our site before you interview. Definitely a hiring cost/time cutting tool to view applicants before scheduling an interview.

  • Upload your job description
  • Record your video! Describe corporate culture, company projects, ideal candidates.
  • Share your customized URL with potential applicants
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Career Casting for Employers

We also invite Employers to join Career Casting by making a Casting Call for your open positions. It’s easy and we will take you through the process step by step.

You can also refer your potential applicants that would like to apply with a video resume cover letter to our Career Casting site. After applicants have created the video resume cover letter, they’ll simply send their personalized URL to you! Save time and expense by viewing your applicant before scheduling the interview.

Want to white label our site to improve your selection process? Contact Sharon Jenks,

Career Casting for Staffing Agencies and Headhunters

Career Casting offers your clients an opportunity to view a prospective applicant using bleeding edge technology.

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Career Casting for Schools and Universities

Career Casting is the prefect additional solution to help your seniors and graduating students enter the job search and find the perfect position.

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